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NGFT Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Course

 Includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.The perfect course for the beginner, for those returning or just looking to improve accuracy.
Students learn:Gun SafetyRules for safe gun handlingPistol parts and operation, Semi-Automatic or RevolverAmmunition knowledge, operation, storage
Shooting fundamentals / marksmanship
Hold Control
Breath Control
Trigger Control
Follow Through
Two handed standing position. How to clean your pistol. Personal Coaching during Live Fire at the Range. 
Completion of this course satisfies the training requirement for states that require training.
Tuition $150 + Range Fee & AmmoRental Included, as needed gun safety course

Carry Class (CCW)

 Learn the pros and cons of carrying a firearm.Is it right for you?
This is NOT a live fire Course.

  • Gun Safety
  • Situational Awareness
  • Selecting the right gun and holster
  • GA Gun Laws
  • Reciprocation
  • 5 Point Draw
  • Legal and Financial Aftermath

Individual Coaching

 This is sort of a tune up for experienced shooters, former NGFT Safety and Marksmanship Students or anyone who wants to correct techniques or just improve your accuracy.
When you order this service I will contact you to arrange a date and time. 

NGFT Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training

Learn all of the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting and Accuracy without going to the range. All of the basics are taught using laser powered Pistols

Great first step in learning. Should be followed up with live fire.

NRA Gun Safety Seminar


Gun Safety Seminar

The Perfect class for beginning shooters.

This class covers:

Gun Safety gun safety course gun safety for kids

Gun Storage

Rifles and Pistols

Types of Firearms and Their      Parts




What to Expect on the Range

What You Need at the Range

Cleaning Your Gun

 Training Courses

A great start in your gun training curriculum.